Code of Conduct

Those who participate in our chatroom and website must follow our Code of Conduct while they are here.


  1. Be considerate of others. Do not say something with the intent to infuriate or be emotionally harmful to someone. This includes people who are not members of the Knights Semantic. It is okay to playfully poke fun at someone, so long as the person is aware that it is a joke and are okay with it. Disclosing the personal information of others without their permission is unacceptable. If you are being asked to stop doing something, please stop.
  2. Keep it classy. Please do not swear, crack crude jokes, or graphically describe unappealing things.
  3. Act maturely.  Some serious topics can come up, but they should be handled with maturity. Do not make light of important issues. When conflict arises, do not try to dramatize the situation. It is okay to criticize, but it is not okay to complain or insult. Treat the opinions of others with respect, criticize their arguments, not the person.

If you have any questions on exactly how these rules apply, please ask Draco.