The West Marches: A Style of D&D Campaign for large groups

Hello, my Fellows.

Recently, I discovered a style of campaign that has been specifically designed for large amounts of players, called the “West Marches” style. It is very much a player driven style of campaign. It is the players’ job to collect the party, schedule the time, and figure out where they would like to go for each session. Not every player plays in every session, which is what allows large amounts of players to all be in the same campaign. This style of campaign would be great as a group activity, due to how it is formatted. Below I have quoted a large section of a post I was reading about this style of campaign that goes into greater detail than I have here:

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Welcome to the Order

Fellows, I have created a website for our order of knights. An event calendar, code of conduct, and about us page with our oath will be added at a later date. I am also currently working on finding people who would be interested in doing post series, so if you are interested, ask me.

To gain a greater understanding of the world around us,

Grand Commandant Draco Blackstone