GGMM Diplomacy Game: Spring, 1941

In the German city of Lüderitz, South West German Africa, Kaiserin Wilcox recieves the following letter:

My esteemed Kaiserin,

I write to you in some haste, as we find ourselves in tumultuous times. You have certainly heard that the powers of Europe are at war, and as yet, there is no formal alliance between any of them. Considering the state of affairs, it is imperative that you remain where you are. No force can be spared to escort you, and there is no guarantee of safety in the homeland. We of the National Science Party will properly manage things in your absence.

Sincerely, Colonel Rudol Von Stroheim

Von Stroheim, has, in a single paragraph, declared the National Sceince Party, his party, as the ruling entity in the German Empire. Kaiserin Wilcox is trapped in her own colony. Safe, prosperous even, but effectively exiled by her own advisors.

England’s exceptional Navy moves into the English Channel and North Sea, asserting its control over the ocean. Tension in the Balkans rises as many powers move into positions that threaten their current neutrality. France begins its movement into the Iberian Peninsula seeking aide from once great nations.

Orders Resolution
F Nap—Ion —> Succeeds
A Ven Holds
A Rom—Apu —> Succeeds

F Sevastopol—Black Sea —> Fails
F St. Petersburg—G.of Bothnis —> Succeeds
A Moscow—Ukraine —> Succeeds
A Warsaw—Galicia —> Succeeds

A Marseilles—Spain —> Succeeds
A Paris—Picardy —> Succeeds
F Brest Holds

F Edn—Nth —> Succeeds
F Lon—Eng —> Succeeds
A Lvp—Yor —> Succeeds

F Tri—Adr —> Succeeds
A Vie—Tri —> Succeeds
A Bud—Rum —> Succeeds

A Con—Bul —> Succeeds
A Smy—Con —> Succeeds
F Ank—Bla —> Fails

F Kiel—Holland —> Succeeds
A Berlin—Kiel —> Succeeds
A Munich—Bohemia —> Succeeds

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