Conclave: The Creation of the Constitution

Every fortnight in the nation of Bernia, a conclave is held by the members of the Bernian Nobles. The purpose of this meeting is to vote on legislation and propose new legislation for the next meeting. Discussion of the legislation is held outside of these meetings, in the name of timeliness, but this often leads to larger schemes. The location of the conclave changes from province to province each week, with the host acting as a moderator for that conclave, as well as acting as a tie-breaker in the case of an equal count of votes from both sides.

Bernia gained its independence after the collapse of the nation of Catania in 1289. It soon became a prosperous mercantile nation due to its ideal position being nested in between Alpha Catania and Denizli. It not become a full nation until the First Conclave of the Provinces of Bernia in 1302, where a constitution was officially voted on by the Counts of each areas within the Bernian Region.

For those who were unaware, I am planning on running a political simulation roleplaying game, where the players put forth and vote on legislation every two weeks. On this post you may sign up to join the game as well as give suggestions on what should be included in the constitution of the nation of Bernia by leaving a comment on this post. You can send the idea to me in chat, but I ask you to please comment with the idea as well so that others may be able to see it and give their opinion.

Hope you enjoy!

Draco Blackstone.


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