Beorhtric: An Exploration and Player Driven Adventure


15 years ago, the Beormen migrated to to an unexplored continent. They established a village in this wilderness which they called Beorhtric. It is now a thriving town containing approximately 5,000 people within its walls, and is surrounded by numerous farm lands. The wilderness is still filled with monsters, but more people have been talking about expansion. You are one of the brave adventurers who will seek their fortune in this land.

As a player, you will be the ones deciding and planning the following:

  • What time we will meet for a session
  • Who will be attending the session
  • What means we will be playing through the session (roll20, chat, skype roll20+skype, tabletop simulator, ect)
  • Where you will be exploring or what you will be investigating during the session

You will be given the above map of what is common knowledge of the area. You may leave the bounds of this map (and most likely will at some point) but you will have to keep track of the terrain and create a map for yourself. This information is yours to share, or not share. While I do have maps of the areas outside of this map, I am not sharing them so that the players have to create a map of their own.  A program can be found below which can make maps in the same style as the one above.

I will now be open to DMing any sessions you plan so long as I am available. Get working on your characters, a generator containing some basic rules can be found here:

You will have to do some internet searching to find all the 5e core rules. We will be using point buy, so no one can walk in with all 18s *cough cough barcha*.

We are hoping to have a bi-weekly post series that containing some completely in character session recaps as told by the players, along side with other information.  The first post in that series should be coming out some time next week.

UPDATE: I forgot to add that everyone will be starting withthe above map and 30 gold in adition to whatever their background/class provides.


Good luck, have fun.

–Grand Commandant and Game Master Draco Blackstone


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